Looking for Italy by Rob Eyley - beautiful atmospheric summery songs

Free Downloads.

You are welcome to downloand and listen to four tracks from the CD.

01 - Looking For Italy

03 - Streets of Portugal

06 - On Down The Road

09 - Last Train

Looking for Italy - but did we find it? Well you will find most of my songs are about getting there, but never quite arriving.

Full track listing

  • 1. Looking For Italy
  • 2. Into The Blue
  • 3. Streets Of Portugal
  • 4. Got It Wrong Again
  • 5. Hifofua
  • 6. On Down The Road
  • 7. Time Has Gone
  • 8. One Good Reason
  • 9. Last Train

If you like what you hear from the four free songs and would like to buy the complete CD, please contact Rob and we can arrange to send you one in the post for only £8. Rob's email address: rob [at] woodcott [dot] net. Mobile number: 07775 503401. We hope shortly to be able to offer the entire CD for download at a (smaller) charge.