About Us

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wooden plaques hand carved

We hope you like our work.

Woodcott is a very small business hand carving a wide choice of wooden signs - either hand made similar to an existing example or to any design you may specify.

We offer a custom, personalised signmaking service. All signs are made to order whether its a free standing house sign, a pub sign, a wooden plaque, a house name wooden sign, an event sign or something else. We create bespoke, custom signs in the style that suits you featuring your house name, a wooden sign or plaque with a saying or quote. It could be a rustic wooden house sign or something more modern. All our wooden signs are hand carved.

We are Robert Eyley (signs)

(and Andrew George fire surrounds - now stopped)

After studying architecture at Kingston and art at Edinburgh, respectively, Robert established help establish the business in 1979 and has specialised in carved wooden fire surrounds, woodcarving and house signs. 

A visit to the workshop (location below) is a possibility but usually there are only a few signs being made (and most of the completed ones sent off) so we recommend that you email or phone to discuss your design details.

We can often give you an immediate quotation for the job. if you include all requirements - or can give any advice you may need.

Delivery of your sign will generally take a small number of days by Royal Mail or parcel courier business, but collection of an item from the workshop is possible too of course.